Control the content that controls your business.

A highly configurable content editor and workflow application for managing policies, playbooks, contracts and more.

Atlas gives you more control over managing key documentation.

Trust the security and scale of a solution built to meet the high standards required by highly regulated industries. Take a look at how Atlas can streamline your workflow.

Streamlined cycle time

Know exactly where a document is in the approval workflow and accelerate action.

Precise governance

Configurable workflows for all of your governance situations, from one-step updates to comprehensive multi-party sign-offs.

Real-time status

See where documentation is in the review process, who has it, who reviews it next, and where it may be delayed.

Custom roles and templates

Achieve the right balance of precision and flexibility with customizable levels of content control and dynamic templates designed to your specifications.

Version control

Detailed visibility to redline history across published versions of your documentation.

Detailed audit reporting

Tracking changes is never turned off, giving you reliable approval records capturing comments, timestamps, and more.

Productivity data

Key cycle time data allows you to see how long updates take across any number of dimensions: document type, approval flow, etc.

Platform integrations

Avoid the challenges of change management through integrating Atlas with your existing content platforms.

Language conflict analysis

Flag and address potential conflicts in your documentation content.

Take your team collaboration to the next level.

We offer content management and workflow solutions to companies of all sizes and complexities. Get in touch with us to learn how Atlas can help your organization.