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Our documentation management solution provides you with the tools you need to manage policies and procedures, employee and/or market communications, audits, incident management governance, contracts, and more.

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Legal, Compliance and Audit
  • Operations
  • Internal Communications
  • Sales & Account Management

Use Cases

Enterprise Policies

Atlas provides a configurable policy management workflow tool with all the key features needed to respond to change with speed and accuracy.

Key features include a searchable library, simultaneous editing with conflict and version controls, cross-file linking, workflow governance for controlled approvals, renewal dating, detailed auditability, and business intelligence support.

Operating Procedures

Atlas delivers a configurable content approval workflow tool, attestation tracking, and integration with business platforms.

Atlas also provides critical tools to innovate fast, like simultaneous editing with conflict and version control, easy cross-linking to related procedures, detailed auditability, and analytic insights.

Agreement Drafts & Contract Templates

Atlas helps manage contract templates and other key business content with flexibility, accuracy and speed. It allows for creating or updating both templates and individual agreements, in tandem with existing contract systems as needed.

Atlas offers a scalable and secure document database with redline comparisons and provides a collaborative workspace for live negotiations and workflow management.

Incident Assessments & Audit Reports

For reporting events, tracking ongoing collaborative remediation, and delivering formal reports for executive and third-party reviews, Atlas provides the optimal level of control and configurability.

Ensure all stakeholder reviews are performed and captured, every version recorded for review as needed, and final reports delivered quickly and accurately.

Built for highly regulated industries

The most common tools used by companies today for managing their documentation and content updates have significant limitations, from user configurability to simplicity in managing the process to audit reporting.

Atlas is designed to enhance control over business-critical documentation in highly-regulated industries.

Financial Services

Between regulatory changes and responding to market dynamics, policies and procedures also change, on a virtually ongoing basis.

This presents a serious change management challenge; businesses from banks to insurance carriers to brokerages need a fast but controlled way to maintain accurate guidelines for their teams, and get the latest changes published as soon as possible.

Atlas provides better speed and control over both the content changes and the governance workflow to help ensure your organization can respond quickly, accurately, and with a clear, defensible process.


Lawyers and other legal services professionals manage or touch virtually every key document running their clients’ businesses.  From contracts to position papers to new policies based on regulatory changes, legal teams need the right tools to support their work at scale.

Atlas supports managing all of these different use cases and business document types with a single tool, while providing the ability to move faster and with both more flexibility and precision than other office applications.

Healthcare Providers

Managing the response to incident reports touches many stakeholders. Whether investigating a compliance concern or auditing an event response, the typical incident management report will be reviewed and edited by many people.

Documenting the investigation, circulating the conclusions, getting sign-off on any remediation plans, and tracking progress towards those plans is time-consuming for each report; managing that process at scale with standard software tools is extremely challenging.

Atlas can help streamline the governance process, with real-time visibility to where a report is in the review cycle and automatically capture the stakeholder changes and comments. This allows your teams to spend their time on managing the change, not on change management.

Professional Services

Management consultancies provide critical expertise to their clients in reports covering everything from big picture strategy to specialized reviews of cyber security protections and business continuity plans.  The project teams collaborate on every aspect of an engagement through the final written report, often enlisting a variety of subject matter experts to help author or edit / approve the content.  A governance review may be involved in the sign-off process to make sure every angle has been covered.

With this many people involved, ensuring reviews don’t get stalled or that no content changes get lost in the final version can be a full-time job.  Atlas automates the tracking, captures all content edits with no risk of change-tracking being turned off, and if needed can publish to your shared network folder in a single command.


Businesses in transportation, whether handling freight or people, work in amazingly complicated ecosystems.  Staying ahead of the competition and responding to needs like supply chain disruption demands speed; navigating the intersection of regulations under different bodies like the DOT, EPA, OSHA and other agencies requires control.

Tracking policies and procedures, managing contracts, measuring performance and implementing continuous improvements, and responding to audits require a greater level of functionality to manage your documentation than shared network folders and tracking approvals through returned emails.  Atlas delivers better speed and easier tracking of policy changes, contract updates, approval sign-offs, and more.

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